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A 65% Keyboard



Featuring a modern, industrial design, Delta is engineered from the ground up to provide a satisfying typing experience while looking great on your desk. Featuring a flush-edge programmable rotary encoder, gasket mounting, numerous color options, and a four piece design with no externally visible screws, the Delta has everything you need in a 65% keyboard.

Typing Angle: 7°
Mounting: Gasket Mount
Weight: 2.3kg (3.9kg with Brass Weight)
Plate Materials: FR4, Aluminum, Brass
Dial Finishes: Silver Anodization, Brass, Mirrored Stainless Steel
Custom No-Screws Dial & EC11 Encoder
MX & Alps Compatible

Delta Heavy


In collaboration with the amazing KneeDeepPatinas, Quadrum Labs brings to you the Delta Heavy. With an exclusive white & matte silver colorway paired with a beautiful rainbow hand-patina brass weight, this keyboard is sure to be a stunning addition to your collection. Featuring the same industrial Delta design with a hand-finished accent, it’s the perfect balance of order and entropy.

Being a limited edition item, the Delta Heavy is no longer available, and was sold by raffle on Nov. 11, 2021.

Disclaimer: The weight is finished with a patina, not a painting or applied coating. Patinas are unique and while they can be predictable, there is no guarantee the result will look exactly similar to any images or descriptions. This is a hand-made product and finish, therefore there may be some imperfections in the final product.

[Coming Soon]


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Products built for you and your desk.